Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hi there...

This is my retro blog - you will need to imagine yourself back in 1956, 7 years old - swinging London was on a very distant horizon. Life was still in black and white.

In 1963 music would start to change everything, me included. I was 14 when I first saw the Beatles, a few months later John Lee Hooker and the Rolling Stones. It was relentless, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck. I could no longer remain in the audience, I had to do it too - first with Janis and  Holly (she was a drummer then, before she found her Italians), then Mother Superior (an all female band), the Video Kings, and Sharks with Snips and Chris Spedding. Read on if you're interested...


  1. Have just read your blog from finish to start! Thanks for an enjoyable and entertaining diversion to a rather boring house bound Monday afternoon. One of the beauties of the internet is stumbling across blogs like yours.


  2. Sorry for the 18 month delay in replying! Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed it.