Wednesday, 24 April 2013

2012 - 2015 Tomorrow's Here Right Now Music Video, Women Make Noise book, various updates

 It's 2013 and a few decades have been spent doing a fascinating mix of things, including having a daughter who having been a baby, child and teenager, now among other things, plays keyboards, guitar, drums and sings.

Good news - the blog works! I was asked to contribute a chapter on progressive rock to the book on all-girl bands 'Women Make Noise' published last December. It covers many genres and decades and has some good rare photos. It was a tremendous opportunity for me to interview many of the women I knew back in the 70s and those who are currently working in alternative rock. Spoke with Deirdre Cartwright, who knew from Mother Superior days when she was playing with Painted Lady and later with Tour De Force and  now is a well respected jazz guitarist. She told me some hilarious stuff about men who could not believe she could play that fast and were convinced she must be taking drugs. Maggie Vail then at KRS told me about the derogatory stuff that gets written on line about female musicians, like Marnie Stern etc. The more things change the more they stay the same!

2014 - Started a writing group a couple of years ago with five fascinating authors six writers north london, we might be small but we're perfectly formed. The group is now slightly smaller as I left to travel further north. They are still writing, take a look at their website.

Joined a writing class 'Dramatic Writing'. We were asked to write something for the Headingley Literary Festival on the subject of surviving. Try as I may, I was not happy with what I was coming up with, so I wrote a song and made a music video - Tomorrow's Here Right Now it's about climate change and survival of the human race on the planet. Cheery stuff!

Ferg, Rosie Pea and Matthew

Rosie (daughter) is drummer and singer with Leeds band Autobodies - a three piece - they all sing and compose - good band with a distinctive style.

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